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Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients in the insurance, litigation, and corporate communities, Semke Forensic provides targeted service offerings to not only answer technically challenging questions in a scientifically sound manner, but also to provide those answers in a cost-effective and timely fashion.  The Flat Rate Analysis Services listed below may be the solution you and your company require to address obstacles related to time and cost constraints.

Air Conditioning Systems Failure Analysis:

When air conditioning equipment fails, lightning strikes are a frequently reported cause.  Establishing the true cause of failure can make the difference between paying for a legitimately covered loss event or needlessly paying for equipment that has mechanically failed or reached the end of its useful life.  Semke Forensic offers a flat rate inspection and reporting service designed to determine the root cause of air conditioning equipment failures in a fast and cost-effective manner.  Our rapid turnaround assures your investigation will be handled promptly.  Our skilled engineers and experts will assess and report the findings professionally.

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Computer Forensic Collection and Analysis:

Digital technology is becoming more and more integrated in our daily communications.  The ability to identify and capture relevant electronic data pertinent to your proceedings is critical.  Whether you are faced with assessing your exposure to discovery actions or gathering information to mount your own action, Semke’s computer forensic experts will perform cost-effective assessments to resolve your most complex dispute and litigation questions.  Know your exposure up front and control costs with Semke’s flat rate analysis service.

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