Mobile Device and Computer Forensic Services

Electronic data is accumulating at a staggering rate and is no longer limited to the common desktop computer system.  The migration of personal and business data to cloud technologies, such as web-based email, and data repositories external to the traditional company perimeter provide opportunities for abuse and attack.

Our computer forensic and network security experts help companies and individuals adapt to these evolving threats.  Our network security experts assist with preparation efforts through web-based application analysis, vulnerability assessments, threat modeling, architecture reviews, forensic readiness assessments, and penetration testing services.  Our computer forensic experts provide assistance in post-event activities, such as incident response, electronic data preservation, internal investigations, log analysis, malware analysis, and remediation efforts.

During investigations, we routinely identify, collect, and analyze electronic data from business and personal computers, electronic mail, mobile communication devices, video systems, access control equipment, and personal data devices.  The data we gather and interpret can be relied upon to successfully investigate and litigate complex matters.

Semke Forensic – Rely on our ability to eliminate the unknown.

  • Electronic Evidence Identification
  • Electronic Evidence Preservation
  • Computer Forensic Analysis
  • Incident Response Planning and Preparation
  • Forensic Readiness Assessment
  • First Responder Training
  • Expert Testimony

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