Data Forensic Services

Electronic data is accumulating at a staggering rate and is no longer limited to the common desktop computer system.  The migration of personal and business data to mobile devices and cloud storage external to traditional storage locations provides opportunities for loss, theft and abuse.  The implementation and growth of the Internet of Things has added additional complexity when considering possible data accumulation points.  We live in a world of connectivity and swim in a sea of data.

Our data forensic experts understand the evolving world of technology and data, and provide clients guidance through the investigation and analysis process.  We assist by listening to the needs of our clients, identifying the root issues, and constructing logical approaches to gathering and analyzing relevant data to support our opinions and conclusions.  Our data forensic experts provide assistance in a myriad of technical consulting and expert scenarios.  Whether your needs are pre-litigation preparedness, electronic data identification and preservation, internal investigations, business disputes, fraud, ESI production or other data concerns, Semke can help.

During investigations, we routinely identify, collect and analyze electronic data from mobile communication devices, business and personal computers, electronic mail, internet/cloud storage locations, digital video systems, access control equipment, manufacturing automation controls and vehicle infotainment systems.  The data we gather and interpret can be relied upon to successfully investigate and litigate complex matters.

Semke Forensic – Rely on our ability to eliminate the unknown.

  • Electronic Evidence Identification
  • Electronic Evidence Preservation
  • Data Forensic Analysis
  • Legacy Data Conversion
  • Litigation Technical Advisement
  • Litigation Preparedness
  • ESI Identification, Collection and Production
  • Expert Testimony

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