Vehicle Accident Investigation & Reconstruction

Vehicle failures and accidents often involve loss of life or severe injury.  We analyze these dynamic events using the laws of physics, engineering principles, and an understanding of human factors.  Speed, distance, and time relationships are evaluated to determine vehicle positions, compliance with traffic control devices, and driver response to threats or hazards.

Our engineers and consultants have evaluated and reconstructed hundreds of accidents involving heavy trucks, commercial and passenger vehicles, motorcycles, ATV’s, and pedestrians.  We use our forensic surveying and Electronic Data Recovery (EDR) equipment to accurately collect and preserve evidence, including tire marks, vehicle crush profiles, and “Black Box” data.  Photographic evidence, measurements, and electronic information are evaluated to reconstruct the accident events.  Dynamic simulations supplement our analysis and provide a visual aid to the jury during trial testimony.

Semke Forensic – Rely on our analysis to resolve your vehicle accident investigation and reconstruction questions.

  • Heavy Trucks/Commercial Vehicles/Buses
  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Motorcycles/ATV’s
  • Pedestrians
  • Marine/Aviation
  • Failure Analysis (Brakes, Steering, Etc.)
  • Electronic Data Retrieval (“Black Box”)
  • Aerial Imagery and Surveying
  • 3D Laser Scans
  • Simulations
  • Expert Testimony

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